COMMON SENSE! Clarkstown puts left hand turn light at busy intersection near Pascack Community Center


It’s been a long time coming, but the Town of Clarkstown has finally installed a much-needed left hand turn light at the intersection of Smith and West Clarkstown Roads for cars traveling south on West Clarkstown.
The left hand light will have its greatest impact on residents who utilize the Pascack Community Center only hundreds of feet away from the intersection, as well as residents of the sprawling condominium developments on West Clarkstown Rd.
“Many of our seniors came to me and told me of their safety concerns at the intersection of Smith and West Clarkstown Road. I heard their concerns and am proud to announce that we have installed a left-hand turn signal. This is a great example how government works for the people,” Supervisor George Hoehmann said.
Pat Dudek, who makes regular use of town’s services to senior citizens at the center, said she commonly had to sit at the light for three green lights just to make the left turn. She and other seniors brought the matter to the attention of Town Supervisor George Hoehmann shortly after he took office in 2016.
While it took the town some time to study the intersection and get the job done, Dudek said that she is happy that as of Monday the job is complete. “We are thankful that it’s there and I think everyone is happy about it,” she said. 
During the 15 months between her initial request to Hoehmann and the project’s completion Dudek was in regular contact with the town seeking updates. She said, “You can tag me as being a pest.”
She credited the administration and constituent service’s assistant Scott Waters for seeing the project through. “Scott took it upon himself to do a lot of the legwork,” she said.

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