Legislature Passes Resolution To Fight Anti-Israel Discrimination


The Rockland County Legislature voted 16-0 Tuesday to amend its procurement policy to require individuals or entities wishing to do business with the county to submit a certificate declaring that they do not engage in any BDS activities.

Boycott, Divest and Sanction is an organized effort to weaken and delegitimize Israel through economic isolation, the resolution’s sponsor, Legislator Lon M. Hofstein, said.

“Israel is one of our greatest allies and we cannot stand idly by as harm is done to it,” Hofstein (R-New City) said. “The BDS movement engages in and promotes discriminatory policy. This behavior not only hurts New York state, its interests and its citizens, but it seeks to advance anti-Semitic, anti-freedom and anti-capitalism principles.”

In 2016, Israel was the fifth largest recipient of New York state’s exports, at nearly $5 billion, according to U.S. Census Bureau statistics, and it has continually proven to be both a strategic and economic ally.

Steve Gold, who said he spoke on behalf of the Jewish Federation of Rockland County, addressed Legislators prior to the vote. Gold is a member of the Federation’s Board of Directors and he serves as chair of the organization’s Community Relations Council.

Gold thanked Legislator Hofstein, as well as the co-sponsors of the resolution, and asked for the full Legislature’s support.

“The BDS movement is destructive because it threatens Israel, the only true democracy in the middle east and one of our country’s strongest allies,” Gold said.

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