Brabenec raises awareness of pet cruelty

Assemblyman Karl Brabenec (R,TCN-Deerpark) with Humane Society President Suzyn Barron

Assemblyman Karl Brabenec (R,TCN-Deerpark) visited the Warwick Valley Humane Society Tuesday in an effort to spread awareness regarding animal abuse. Brabenec recently authored and passed an Assembly Resolution authorizing the governor to declare April as Pet Cruelty Awareness Month in New York State.

“Unfortunately, pet cruelty and animal abuse remains a serious concern in our state,” Brabenec said. “Whether it’s malnourishment, neglect or illegal breeding and sales, we must do all we can to raise awareness and combat these despicable crimes. I was honored to author and pass an Assembly Resolution last week proclaiming April as Pet Cruelty Awareness Month and will continue reaching out to community stakeholders offering my insight and support.

“Humane societies like the one in Warwick are extremely important in not only sheltering stray and abused animals but give local families an opportunity to adopt a pet that will offer gentle companionship, love and attention. If your family is looking for a furry friend to call their own, please don’t forget the wonderful pets at our local humane societies who are desperate for a family. Please do not hesitate to call my district office for more information on our nearby humane societies and adoption centers like this one here in Warwick.”

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