ERSD Awards $27 Million Contract To Brega Transport?


Are the taxpayers of East Ramapo less important than the taxpayers of Rockland County? We understand that the East Ramapo School District yesterday awarded a 5 year contract worth upwards of $27 million to Brega Transport.

This the same company whose owner is under Federal indictment for defrauding local and federal taxpayers of money spent on alleged fraudulent repairs made to Rockland County BOCES School buses.…/richard-brega-indicted-cor…/97095016/

County Executive Ed Day is severing all ties with Brega Transport by not having Brega hold any County sponsored contracts for 3 years. He is also having the $70 million TOR and TZXpress contract taken from Brega and reassigned to a new vendor.

Does anyone on the East Ramapo School board read the local newspaper or is that just another goyim rag? What political clout does Brega have to land this deal? Legislators Schoenberger and Wieder have been silent to date. They were quite vocal about commenting on the suspension of Chief Sullivan in Clarkstown and signing resolutions about his reinstatement! One wonders why they are silent now when a company whose leader stands under indictment for alleged actions of fraud against BOCES is in a multi-million dollar agreement with the school board? Have the political contributions given to Mr. Schoenberger from Brega employees and family been read by the school board as keeping the Brega Transport Company in the good graces of Ramapo’s political leadership?…/brega-employees-and-family-…/

Let us hope that any forthcoming State investigation and charges will shed light on this developing fiasco. Perhaps if one of the buses catches fire trundling along the streets of Monsey the Rockland County Legislature will decide to provide more money to wash the buses more frequently? However, Legislator Moroney won’t be available to help on that one – he lives in Pearl River and caught his pants on fire when he tried to push that moronic proposal through the legislature in a previous reincarnation of the Brega Transport Company’s business troubles.…/08/08/rockland-wash-bus-br…/13801933/

One thing is for sure, with a new school transportation company (Total Transportation) supposedly coming to North Rockland, East Ramapo had options, one of them not being Brega Transport…

But then Ramapo is what Ramapo is. One wonders if the ERSD is just another money laundering operation?

Former school district activist now living in Florida, Peggy Hatton, posted the following minutes she said pertain to the Brega contract.

5. Authorize and Approve Student Transportation Contract

WHEREAS, the Board is authorized to enter a multi-year contract for the transportation of students, when authorized by District voters in accordance with the rules of the Board and consistent with the regulations of the Commissioner; and,

WHEREAS, RFP ER-3-17 was issued for a five year student transportation contract for school years 2017-18 through 2021-22; and,

WHEREAS, RFP ER-3-17 sought bids including public and private school student transportation by bus, van and other means; and,

WHEREAS, responses to RFP ER-3-17 were analyzed in accordance with the regulations of the Commissioner including 8 NYCRR § 156.12;


1. Seeks voter approval, as part of the annual budget vote at the annual district meeting for a multi-year (2017-18 through 2021-22) student transportation contract with Brega Transportation, Inc. in accordance with its response to RFP ER-3-1-7.

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