Tax Day: NY Has the Most Dangerous Tax Burden in America

Reclaim New York executive director Brandon Muir offered the following statement on Tax Day, as taxpayers really feel the heat of New York’s hellacious tax burden:

“New York families are once again struggling to survive the most dangerous tax burden in America. A total tax burden that’s the highest in the country, and a business tax climate that’s second-worst behind only New Jersey, have driven a taxpayer exodus from New York.

“If all that wasn’t frightening enough, New York State’s tax complexity finds a way to make this burden cost even more time and money. It’s a recipe for killing off prosperity, and risks the very fabric of our state.

“Albany is ignoring the problem. Instead of crony “economic development” programs, New Yorkers need broad reform. Until Tax Day stops resembling a waking nightmare, we’ll see more families and businesses leave.”
New York’s tax burden includes:

  • The worst total tax burden in America
  • An income tax that eats up more of our earnings than any other state
  • The 49th-ranked business tax climate
  • The 3rd most complex state income tax code
  • New Yorkers pay more for tax preparation services.
  • The 5th highest statewide property tax burden
  • And, the 4th highest gas tax


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