“So What’s the Catch?” Review of Haverstraw’s new restaurant Catch on the Hudson


Simply super Spring days are not to be wasted. Figuring a sunset hike would get us really hungry my partner and I met at Bear Mountain. An hour before we met she told me another…a couple would be joining us. More the merrier.

Beautiful vistas, happy people and a very relaxing hike (walk) got us primed to try Catch. Located on the Hudson in Haverstraw, Catch has a Chef/Owner that has gathered quite a buzz.

The male half of the couple could not attend so I was forced to have dinner with two beautiful women. FML.

The evening air is slightly crisp as we stroll into the restaurant. The outdoor seating was open earlier for the first time and closed for the evening. The place is jamming and there is a buzz. No tables are available.

GF: Do you mind if we grab those three seats at the bar?

How cool is she?

ME: Sounds like a plan.

The manager is happy to accommodate us. Here is where the fun begins. There are very few of the old guard bartenders left. Chuck had us laughing from the minute we sat. He mixed a great dirty martini for my pal and our friend and I stuck to red wine. Good wines by the glass and later a tap beer offering was cold and crisp. Chuck is impressed with my company and I can’t agree more.

GF: We will start with a seafood tower and the tuna appetizer….you okay with me ordering?

ME: Absolutely. You are sitting in the middle.

My critical eye starts wandering. There is no visible water though the Hudson is so close I could chuck a baseball into it. When I mention it the manager explains that the outdoor seating will be open for good beginning soon. I would still have liked a spotlight on the roof that could allow us to see the Hudson from our bar seats. An easy fix I am sure they on top of.

The appetizers arrive and they are…..strange. Not bad strange.

ME: There is a lot of seafood on this tower.

GF: I know look at all this crabmeat. Dig in.

The girls attack the tower and I concentrate on the tuna. It has sliced tuna, avocado & cous cous and it is not a small portion. It could have been an entrée. All three of the main components are tasty but I am not sure they work together.

Chuck is cracking wise about the Mets and I am giving it right back to him about the Yankees. Chuck enlightens about past area employers. A future article may include some of his “experiences”.

GF: This tower…..

ME: Weird? Wait until you try the tuna.

We switch plates. Our friend J is having fun and watching us with an amused eye.

The tower has delicious chilled lobster and a ton of lump crabmeat. Score! The shrimp are pedestrian, the oysters good and there are unlisted mussels on there. Mussels no Bueno. The physical structure of the tower makes the bounty look unimpressive.

We decide to have lamb chops and the seafood fri diavlo pasta for the entrees. The entire time we are having a blast with Chuck. Put it this way: we took pictures with the guy before leaving and that certainly is not my usual…

Once again the food is plenty. The lamb chops come with mac & cheese, a roasted vegetable medley and the chops. A lot of food.

GF: The mac & cheese is cold.

She is right. Chuck quickly fixes that.

J: My pasta is good but…

GF: Not amazing?

J: Yes. Chuck can I have some more vino?

ME: Hit me too Chuck.

The lamb chops are solid. Vegetable medley and piping hot replacement mac & cheese are very good. Three hungry adults ended up taking home a fair amount of food. That is a great value.

We had all done a little research on Catch before dinner….

ME: You know when you hear a play or movie is so amazing and then you see it and you’re like…

GF: Yes! Chuck we would like an after dinner shot!

And so it goes at Catch. Great night, lot of fun and the place will be BUSY as the weather gets warmer and warmer.

Final rating:

ME: 2.75 ROCKS. I will be back and will sit at the bar. I like old school. Great spot and you certainly won’t go home hungry.

GF: Did you really go with a .75? you are a nerd.  3.0 ROCKS. Would go back in a heartbeat. Chuck better get his rest because it will be a busy season down there.

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