Stony Point supports proposed changes to Coast Guard barge plan


Nyack waterfront with view of TZ construction

The U.S. Coast Guard’s plan to place several “parking spots” for crude oil barges and other tankers along the banks of the Hudson is being challenged in Albany.

The barge anchorage locations the Coast Guard is entertaining would permit more than 40 barges to “rest”  along the river’s coastline from Yonkers to Kingston to await arrival or departure times from the Port of Albany, a move that New York’s vocal environmental groups have come out against loud and clear.

While the maritime industry may support it, the Herculean efforts to clean up the Hudson and to balance the historic “waterway of industry” with the riverfront’s massive recreational/lifestyle makeover is currently being challenged in Albany, where bills in the Assembly (A006825) and Senate (S05197) are under consideration. Gov. Andrew Cuomo supports the measure.

As recently as April, 2017, a barge carrying 60,000 gallons of gasoline ran aground near Catskill in Greene County. It was stuck for hours as workers tried to determine if it was leaking as a result of striking rocks about 30 feet from the shoreline. Luckily, no damage was found and it was eventually towed to deeper water to continue on its way.

Stony Point award for workers week

“It is a real concern for all of us that the Federal government wants to negatively impact the waterfront and the communities and thinks we are going to do nothing about it,” said Deputy Supervisor Tom Basile. “The bills currently in Albany have a lot of support and would enable the state to control the anchorage areas to ensure the Hudson River and its waterfront communities will be protected.”

The Board asked residents and all concerned for Rockland’s future to contact their Albany lawmakers to prevent the shore from becoming an eyesore— a potentially dangerous one at that.

The Board also recognized National Public Works Week, presenting a proclamation to Larry Brissiage of the Highway Department.

Stony Point’s Memorial Day parade kicks off promptly on Monday, May 29 at 9:30 a.m., starting at Ten Eyck St. and North Liberty Drive and arriving at Town Hall for a memorial service. After the parade, food donated by ShopRite will be served by the Lion’s Club.  

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