Open Letter to Acting Supervisor of the Town of Ramapo Yitzchok Ullman:

First and foremost, thank you for taking on the responsibilities of Ramapo town supervisor with the departure of Mr. St. Lawrence. We look forward to more transparency and fair play under your guidance. After reading your statement in the Rockland County Times, I am encouraged by the fiscal responsibility in many of your proposals. Thank you for that.

I would like to impress upon you also the value of the Ramapo Equestrian Center so that it might continue to thrive and serve the residents of our area. While I once dismissed equestrian programs as a luxury, or something not relevant to common people, I have since changed my viewpoint, having garnered more information and experience on the benefits such programs provide.

Equestrian programs provide many suburban youth with an invaluable experience of working with large animals, one that mirrors their feelings and provide feedback for emotional regulation. I have seen the benefits to children, both on the spectrum and not, and how therapeutic the experience is.

I am sad to hear that the Center is not utilized to its capacity, and that this is jeopardizing its very existence. Understanding now the immeasurable benefits the program offers to the youth of Ramapo it would appear that too many people either do not yet know about the benefits of equestrian programs, the availability of the Ramapo Equestrian Center, or both.

I hope that a new course could be determined, one in which the Center is celebrated and made more visible and available to schools and youth programs around the county. It has served an invaluable role in our lives, and I hope that others might benefit as we have.

If there is anything I can do to preserve the Ramapo Equestrian Center and its offerings to our children please do not hesitate to reach out.

Rob Gilson

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