Fans of Ramapo stadium say “Play Ball!”


Baseball fans want to see stadium remain part of Rockland

Though its financing led to the conviction of Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence on federal fraud charges, fans of Ramapo’s baseball stadium want it to remain in the town’s hands and continue to be used for baseball games, music and activities geared to the community.

One by one, fans of the park came up during the public participation period to ask the acting Supervisor Yitzak Ullman (who will run for his council seat but not supervisor in November) and the remaining town board members to keep the park open and part of the community.

Ullman and the board did not disagree with the proponents of Palisades Credit Union Park, but the financial condition of the stadium remains in limbo and outside accountants will work with the town to see if its financial footing is on a precipice.

“There is a lot of maintenance needed for the park,” said Councilman Pat Withers, “but it’s been a great attraction and the Boulders have been great supporters of all the events held there.”

He agreed it would be a shame to see it closed or sold, notwithstanding the unscrupulous way convicted Supervisor St. Lawrence obtained the funding to build his “field of dreams.”

The residents also cheered Lynn Kuropatkin, who runs the Full Circle Equine Centered Activities Center located at the Ramapo Equestrian Center. She urged the board to continue funding the center, the only one in Rockland. In addition to boarding and riding lessons, it offers therapeutic programs for veterans and people with disabilities. In a recent statement, Ullman said he intends to assess whether the Equestrian Center should continue to be funded by the town.

As of now, the Ramapo Town Board seems to be catching up, dealing with the fact St. Lawrence had such sway over town affairs that it will take time to see what budget lines are problematic. Forensic evaluation of the town’s financial status will eventually determine the future of all its current budgeting.

The board tabled the public hearing on a proposed local law amending Local Law No. 4-2010 (Zoning Law), as amended, in relation to the definition of gross floor area. That public hearing will be held on Wednesday, June 27, beginning 7 p.m.

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