DINNER IS SERVED: Rick’s Club American

By Col. Andrew J. Smith

I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I haven’t been to Rick’s Club American on 100 Lake Road in Congers in over 20 years, but when I did go, I was always pleased with the experience. Rick’s is widely known for its seafood and barbecue, which I always take delight in. Reviewing it has long been on my list and it finally reached the top of my list for this month’s culinary experience.

I had forgotten the ambiance appeal of the place it had been so long. Upon entering, you experience the western nostalgia theme as the wainscoting walls and ceiling are omnipresent. The antique bar runs the whole length of the main room. The taxidermy collection further adds to the scene. All that it lacks is John Wayne or Jimmy Stewart. It is spacious with windows everywhere. For family dining, there is seating away from the bar area.

The menu is broadly based with many delicious things to choose from including seafood, steaks, burgers and sandwiches as well as many appetizers. Today, I was ready to revisit the side of baby back ribs, which I had enjoyed before. It arrived with the French fries and Cole slaw filling out the plate very nicely. I was brought a bottle of the “house” barbecue sauce, which I poured generously over the fries as I can drown them with ketchup any place. I was told that this is available for purchase and I bet they sell it by the five-gallon bucket since it was exactly the right balance of sweet, sour and spiciness.

Anyhow, the ribs were far and away the best I ever had, including private barbecues I attend. They were delicious and fell off the bone delightfully. As I enjoyed every bite and washed it down with my usual seltzer and lemon wedge, I was on a Bachian high.

All I can add is that it was every bit as good as I had remembered it so long ago. The entire meal came to $25.20. If you want relaxed dining in an Americana atmosphere that is a feast, then go to Rick’s.

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