Hometown Happenings with George Hoehmann: How Clarkstown Celebrates the Fourth

Supervisor, Town of Clarkstown

Every year we join millions of Americans from every corner of the nation to celebrate Independence Day. For over 200 years, we have dedicated the Fourth of July to honor our nation in different ways. Many celebrate this holiday with a backyard BBQ, pool party, time with family and friends, and of course, fireworks.

This year, the Town of Clarkstown continued its proud tradition of celebrating July 4th with festivities at Nanuet High School last week. Entertainment included inflatable bouncers, a demonstration by the Rockland County Radio Control Club, a concert and a fireworks display. For about a half hour, hundreds of colorful explosions filled the summer evening, with amazing onlookers from across town. We are proud to say that this year’s festivities marked the biggest showing of Clarkstown residents ever!

But all of us know the Fourth of July is more than just festivities. It is about the freedoms we cherish and remembering those who sacrificed for those freedoms.

Being one of my favorite holidays, I believe it is crucial to take time to celebrate the Fourth with everything from hotdogs to sparklers, but I also believe we should reflect on the rights and freedoms we take for granted each day. This includes taking some time to honor and thank those who keep us safe abroad. As Supervisor, I am always working to find new ways to thank veterans and active duty members of the military, especially around holidays such as Independence Day.

Just last month, Clarkstown unveiled its first set of military banners through our Military Tribute Program. This program is aimed at thanking veterans and active duty members of the armed forces for guaranteeing the rights and freedoms Americans celebrate every year and is an unbroken link to those first Revolutionary War fighters.

Since our founding fathers declared the United States’ independence, Americans have celebrated this unique summer holiday. In Clarkstown, we continue that long tradition, ever mindful that we must also remember those who protect us.

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