SUDDENLY 17: Elected officials in Sloatsburg need to learn from history

To the Editor,

The Village of Sloatsburg is situated in the Ramapo Pass. This Pass serves as a natural gateway through the Ramapo Mountains to all destinations north. Orange Turnpike [Route 17] was a single lane state road in either direction. Route 17 was so heavily traveled, and known for traffic backing up that the state widened Route 17 to its present two lanes in each direction.

Further considering our close proximity to New York City and the fact we host New York State Thruway exit 15A, which is a double lane exit north-bound into Sloatsburg. And the fact that Sloatsburg also serves as a main entrance to Harriman State Park. The recent vote by Sloatsburg Officials to endorse the State DOT plan of a road diet, which will convert Route 17 from its present two lanes in each direction back to one lane in each direction seems much like putting two quarts of milk in a one quart bottle. Common sense will tell us the one quart bottle will over flow and history will repeat itself and traffic on Route 17 will back up again. How nostalgic.

Dave Veraja

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