Lottery for Full-Day Kindergarten
On July 10, parents attended a lottery to place their children in full-day kindergarten at the North Rockland School District offices in Garnerville. The lottery was for each of the elementary schools in the district with a class size of 22 children, split between boys and girls equally. The lottery was conducted by picking boys and girls names out of baskets. Parents were given a letter to participate in the lottery but would be addressed a letter once the name was called out. A waitlist of 20 children was also made.

Pour House Liquor License Suspension Overridden (for now)
After the suspension of the Nyack Pour House’s liquor license by the State Liquor Authority (SLA), State Supreme Court Judge Thomas Walsh has temporarily blocked the suspension with a scheduled hearing on Friday, July 14. The previous liquor license suspension was ordered by Chairman Vincent Bradley and Commissioner Greeley Ford of the SLA at a special meeting of the full board on July 5.

On June 30, SLA investigators and the Orangetown Police Department conducted an underage operation where they discovered 18 minors entering with fake IDs, with 13 obtaining alcohol straight from the bartender. On July 5, the SLA charged the premises with 15 violations, including 13 charges of selling to minors and one charge for failure to supervise the premises after a man was struck in the head with a bottle and it was not reported by the Pour House. The suspension remains in effect until it is modified by the SLA or a reviewing court.

Six-decade Store to Close its Doors
After six decades of service, Mel’s Army-Navy Center in Pearl River will close its doors in a few weeks. The store has been selling outwear, denim clothing, camping gear, hunting gear and fishing items since March 1955. A shelf stocker, Chris Frawley, took over the store as manager after Mel Liebmann retired in 2012. However, Frawley’s full-time job in marketing and business development has made it difficult to keep up with the store. The lease ran out and he was unable to find a new owner for the store.

Rockland Law Protects Gender Expression
The Rockland County Legislature is urging the New York State Senate to reconsider the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act – which prohibits discrimination based on gender identity or expression – and add it to be included in the state hate crimes statutes. Legislators unanimously voted to pass the county resolution.

U.S. Rep. Proposes Guidelines for Coast Guard on Hudson River
U.S. Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney suggested that the U.S. Coast Guard must adhere to four principles as it conducts its Ports and Waterways Safety Assessment (PAWSA) for the Hudson River, which Scenic Hudson supports. The basic principles will ensure that communities and environmental organizations have a meaningful voice in the matter to ensure that the maritime industry does not take advantage of the opportunity.

Growing Closing of Nuclear Power Plants
Recent years have seen more than a dozen nuclear power plants announcing plans to close or entering the long process of decommissioning their nuclear reactors. The nuclear industry’s decline was hastened by the cheap price of natural gas and costly repairs to aging power plants. In May, the owners of Three-Mile Island in Pennsylvania announced plans to close by 2019. In January, Entergy announced the process to shut down the 44-year-old Indian Point power plant in Buchanan after a legal battle with New York State over the plant’s future. Governor Andrew Cuomo’s opposition to the power plant concerned a nuclear mishap that could devastate the heavily populated region.

New York Times Claims to have Triggered Donald Trump Jr.’s Email Release
Donald Trump Jr. – who released emails about meeting a Russian government attorney around 11 a.m. on July 11 – claimed to publicize the emails in order to be transparent. However, the New York Times claims that its involvement prompted him to release this information. Deputy managing editor Clifford Levy of the Times tweeted that Trump Jr. posted the emails only after being informed that the Times was doing a story on him. The story was claimed to be on the verge of being published but was not released until 11:10 a.m., after acknowledging Trump Jr.’s disclosure.

Fatal Accident on Palisades
Thirty-year-old motorist Christian Liga of Monroe died just north of Exit 16 on the Palisades Parkway around 10 a.m. Friday, July 7 during a torrential downpour. State police said Liga lost control of his vehicle and veered from the roadway into the center median, colliding with several trees.

Rail Repair Project Nicknamed “Summer of Hell”
The region’s transportation authorities are rushing to fix a mass transit system increasingly prone to train derailment. While such accidents are true hell, the traffic and delays caused by the rail repair project have taken the nickname of “Summer of Hell.” Authorities advise that commuters double-check all train schedules to make sure their rail is not under repair during their scheduled travel time. For updates, you can visit New Jersey Transit’s special website, njtransit.com/the update.

Mystery Construction Project “Planned” for Orangetown
A mystery construction project has some Orangetown residents wondering what a realty company may have in mind for a 3-acre piece of land at the corner of North Middletown Road and East Lewis Avenue in Pearl River. Orangetown supervisor Andy Stewart was a guest on The Morning Show yesterday, and said the Goldstein Group, the company behind the mystery commercial project, hasn’t yet spoken to the town about what they have planned for the spot. Stewart said there’s also a major overhaul taking place for that area of Middletown Road. He said that project, which will take a few years to complete, will add sidewalks and other improvements.
(Originally published by WRCR)

Road Resurfacing in Valley Cottage
Intercounty Paving Associates will be resurfacing roads in Valley Cottage, including Gleeful Lane, Nirvana Court, Blithe Court, Joy Drive and Mirth Drive. The company will also be prepping Ridge Road for paving. The Highway Department is requesting that residents do not park on the street from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Man Jumps from Bear Mt. Bridge Tuesday, Body Found Next Day
State Police report that a man jumped from the Bear Mt. Bridge around 2:15 p.m. on Tuesday, July 11. The body was recovered 10:33 a.m. Wednesday morning, Trooper Melissa McMorris said. His ID has yet to be announced. State Police were assisted in recovery by the Rockland County Sheriff’s Office Marine Boat and the NYS Park Police.

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