New Facts Emerge in Case Against Nyack Chiropractor Accused of Sexual Assault of Minor


The polarizing case of a South Nyack female chiropractor charged with sex crimes against a female minor has taken a twist based upon new facts presented to a court. Kristina Wodicka was initially charged with multiple felonies based upon allegations that she sexually abused a minor, female patient in her care, endangering the welfare of a minor and the unauthorized practice of a profession.

Since filing the charges, the Rockland County District Attorney’s Office has agreed to reduce the felony charges to misdemeanors and has agreed to dismiss several counts of the complaint.

However, Wodicka still faces serious allegations that could cost her her license and her freedom.

According to papers filed with South Nyack Justice Court, a detective has accused Wodicka of sexual conduct against the minor over a period of several months. The conduct alleged includes putting her hands underneath the minor’s shirt, touching her breasts and inserting fingers into her vagina. The alleged conduct occurred over a period of a four-months.

While these allegations are damaging, Wodicka’s own words may be most problematic. According to papers filed by the District Attorney’s Office, Wodicka allegedly met with a detective and, after being informed of her Miranda warnings, voluntarily stated that she diagnosed the minor with a hiatal hernia and placed her hands on pressure points on her upper chest, below her breasts, stomach and around her hips. Wodicka also allegedly stated that she studied chiropractic medicine in Oregon where she practiced giving breast and vaginal exams. In Oregon, a chiropractor can work as a general practitioner.

Wodicka allegedly admitted to the detective to administering CBD Oil without the minor’s parent’s consent. Prosecutors said Wodicka told the detective that she might have crossed “some boundaries” while treating the minor patient. According to the South Nyack Detective, Wodicka allegedly asked the minor “Don’t tell her mom, she wouldn’t understand the treatment we are doing.”

At one point, the detective claims that Wodicka told the minor that she had past lives haunting her and Wodicka had to scare them off. After allegedly touching the victim inappropriately, Wodicka told the minor “they are gone.”

As most sex crimes do, much of the case boils down to one person’s word versus another’s. Wodicka’s attorney has submitted a motion asking that the charges be dismissed. The matter has been assigned to Acting Judge Thomas Mascola since Village Judge Dennis Lynch recused himself based upon a potential conflict of interest.

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