New Accessible Transportation Option for Rockland People with Disabilities and Veterans in Need of Essential Services

BRiDGES Takes Delivery of Two Accessible Vehicles  

PRESS RELEASE–  BRiDGES, Rockland’s premier agency supporting advocacy services for promoting autonomy and independent living for people with disabilities, has taken delivery of two new accessible vehicles. Funding for the new 8-passenger transport vans was made possible through a grant from the New York State Department of Transportation. Each vehicle is also equipped to accommodate one wheelchair, in addition to the passenger seating. BRiDGES intends to provide regular, door-to-door, transportation for those in need.

These vehicles are designated to provide the following essential services for people with disabilities:

  • Medical Appointments (including Veterans to the VA)
  • Advocacy Events
  • Community Outreach
  • Accessible Transportation

“One of the specific needs we have identified, involves door-to-door transportation for Veterans who have medical appointments at the Veterans Administration locations in Castle Point and/or Montrose,” explains David Jacobsen, Executive Director at BRiDGES. “We are thrilled to offer a new resource to further support our commitment to providing services to Rockland Veterans.”

In addition, BRiDGES has applied for grant funding to cover expenses related to operating these vehicles, including a Rockland County Community Development Block Grant, as well as additional private foundation funding.

“We are always ready to go to bat to make sure that Rockland’s heroes have what they need,” said Rockland County Executive Ed Day. “This is another example of how our community works together to assist our veterans and people with disabilities so they can live independent lives.”

BRiDGES is celebrating 30 years of providing advocacy and leadership toward an accessible, integrated community, promoting health and autonomy for people with disabilities in Rockland County.

BRiDGES, which stands for: Building Relationships – Investing in Diversity – Genuinely Empowering Self, provides extensive services based upon a philosophy of Independent Living that respects each person’s right to make autonomous decisions regarding every aspect of life.  Core services of being an Independent Living Center include:

  • Advocacy Services– promoting positive change for individuals, communities, and systems to increase accessibility for all people to housing, business, education, employment, and community living.
  • Information & Referral – providing information on any subject that affects the lives of persons with disabilities and “BRiDGING” people to the services required for independent living.
  • Independent Living Skills – trained Program Advocates work closely with persons with disabilities to perform basic tasks of daily living, pre-employment, budgeting, and specific skills that foster independence.
  • Peer Mentoring – peer mentors with disabilities serve as role models, providing moral support and creative solutions to encourage each other toward independence and community integration.

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