Smoky Brega Bus


A TOR bus traveling westbound on Route 59 at Smith Street in Nanuet on Wednesday at 2:15 p.m.began experiencing smoke coming from the engine compartment.

There was no sign of a fire and no melting of any part of the bus. The Nanuet Fire Department responded, determined that it was a non-event and left the scene. The Rockland County Sheriff’s Department also responded.

All 20 passengers left on their own and were put on another bus travelling the same route. There were no reported injuries.

County Executive Ed Day directed Brega Transport, which operates the TOR buses, to immediately report the incident to the Public Transportation Safety Board.

The county has sent staff to Brega to review records, including maintenance and repair. The bus was towed to the Brega facility.

“The safety of Rockland County residents who rely on this bus system is our top concern,” County Executive Day said.

Brega Transport is in the process of replacing all front wheel bearings and all rear tag axle bearings, an industry source told the Rockland County Times. The order came from the NY Dept. of Transportation following an incident in which a wheel fell of a Brega bus.

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