Trump gets tougher with China on trade

The Trump Administration is planning on taking a stricter stance on U.S. trade laws which impact China. This decision follows President Donald Trump’s disappointment with how China has handled North Korea and its nuclear missile program.

However, this policy specifically deals with complaints from U.S. businesses, not North Korea’s nuclear missile program. “The U.S. is considering using rarely invoked U.S. trade laws to fend off China’s demands that foreign companies share their technology in return for access to the country’s vast market,” wrote Fox News. “

A source familiar with the U.S. discussions said the Trump administration planned to employ Section 301 of the Trade Act of 1974, which allows Washington to investigate China’s trade practices and, within months, raise tariffs on imports from China, or impose other sanctions.” Section 301 was used frequently in the 1980s to combat Japanese imports of steel, motorcycles and other items, but less frequently after the World Trade Organization was founded in 1995.

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