ROCKLAND COUNTY AUTHORS: Who They Are and What Do They Write About?


It is with great pride this Ombudsman will now recognize the many splendid authors of published books who reside in our county.

This article is the first in a series that will include Rockland’s Published Book Authors who have produced Novels in such fields as Mystery and Suspense, Romance, Science Fiction, as well as those who have published Non-Fiction Books.

For this first article in the series I will introduce Ms. Noel Carter whose primary interest is in the writing and publication of Mystery and Suspense Novels, while her secondary interest is in producing Romance Novels.

Noel Carter was born in NYC and raised in Englewood, New Jersey, but has been a resident of Nyack, New York since 1989. Noel has already successfully published six books which include the following:

“The Lazarus Curse,” The Lazarus Inheritance”(Two Gothics)

“Moondragon”(an historical romantic suspense-Signet)

“This Band of Spirits”(an historical murder/suspense-Signet)

“Miss Hungerford’s Handsome Hero” (a humorous historical romance- a Dell Candlelight Regency Romance)

“The Mooncalf Murders”(suspense-Walker & Company)

It is most significant that Noel’s ONLY Romance Novel, “Miss Hungerford’s Handsome Hero”,! was chosen to be featured in a standard college textbook, “Reading the Romance”, which seeks to teach students the proper way to write Romance Novels.

Several of Noel’s Novels are set in her “home town” of Nyack, so many of her Rockland County readers will further appreciate and relate to designated places and landmarks referred to in her writings.

Finally, Noel has three new Novels waiting to be published, “The last Pagan”, “Sweet Spirits of Murder” and “The Schlock Murder Case”

This Ombudsman ends this article by reaching out to both the many “seasoned” Rockland County Authors as well as the highly talented “unseasoned”Authors in Rockland who would like to share their writings with our readers.

I would be most honored and pleased to receive communications from all of the above and , if possible, give those individuals an opportunity discuss their respective publications in future articles in this series.

Please direct all inquiries and requests to

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