Stony Point dog hoarders face 44 cruelty to animal charges


Adler approached by a Rockland Times reporter in June

Louis Jerome Adler, 75, and his wife, Dorothy Adler, 72, were both arrested on 44 counts of cruelty to animals on Friday, August 18. The arrest follows Hudson Valley Humane Society (HVHS) seizure of 21 live dogs, mostly Huskies or Husky-mixes at their 13 Chestnut Street home in Stony Point.

The outrageous discovery was made on June 22 by the HVHS, which worked in conjunction with dog control officers from Stony Point, Haverstraw and Orangetown as well as the Stony Point Town Building Department, fire inspector, the Rockland County Department of Health and the Adult Protective Services.

HVHS reports at least 10 deceased dogs were removed from the property. The home was deemed unsafe for human habitation and was condemned. On July 10, HVHS returned and removed another dog for a total of 22 dogs.

The Adler’s 44 counts of cruelty to animals were charged as followed:

NYS Agriculture & Markets Law: 22 counts of Section 353, 22 counts of Section 356

The Adlers are due in court on Tues., Aug. 22, 2017.

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