Investing In Rockland: Meet Volumetric Fund Incorporated


PEARL RIVER- It’s somewhat ironic to characterize a mutual fund, an investment program that typically buys and sells major Wall Street stocks, as a small local business. After all, it’s hard to reconcile the mom and pop ambience of a locally based family business with the high stakes world of stock trading. 

And yet, that’s exactly what Volumetric Fund Inc. is: a small family- and friend-owned company with three employees and a small board of directors that handles 800 different accounts and owns pieces of many major corporations. Volumetric Fund buys and sells stocks in everything from Apple to Amazon, has investors scattered across multiple different states and does all of its business from a residential address right here in Pearl River. 

Originally launched in 1979, the Volumetric Fund started as a sort of investment club organized by the company’s founder and chairman Gabriel Gibs. Mr. Gibs decided to officially start a business after his own private success playing the market. After several years of steady growth and the hiring of current CEO Irene J. Zawitkowski, the fund was first offered to the public in 1987. 

Since then, the fund has grown to become something of a local institution, offering stable long-term investment strategies to people all over the county.  It also is the only mutual fund to call the county home, according to Gibs.             

Word of mouth reviews from satisfied customers have helped Volumetric expand their brand of patient conservative investment. Keeping the company local has allowed Volumetric to become “more personalized” and better able to suit the needs of their customers according to the companies’ President Jeffery Gibs, son of Volumetric’s founder Gabriel. Several of their investors bought into the fund while still living in Rockland and decided to maintain their accounts after leaving the county, others have bought in after glowing recommendations from friends and family members. 

The company does very little advertising and owes its success largely to its vocally gratified clients. Their popularity is also no doubt thanks to the company’s status as a no-load fund, which means Volumetric does not collect commissions from its operations, assuring their customers that 100 percent of the money they put up goes towards their investments.            

The fund’s holdings are vast and varied; its major criteria for potential investments being that the company be well established and US based; most of the fund’s holdings are in mid to high cap stock, reflecting their preference for stable and steady dealings. Volumetric prioritizes longevity, in fact almost a third of their customers hold IRAs (individual retirement accounts).  The actions of the fund are largely guided by nuanced mathematical formula referred to as the “Volume and Range System.” Volumetric prefers this technical approach to stock purchase and sales, applying their formula to every transaction to get as accurate a predication as possible on how the market will shift. 

Volumetric is a proud Rockland business that handles accounts ranging in value from $500-$1,000,000 and clients varying from first-time investors to seasoned entrepreneurs. The company is definitely a blue chip benefit to the county. 

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