To the Editor,

We are Orangetown veterans who have proudly served our nation in World War II and Vietnam. The attacks on Supervisor candidate Thom Kleiner by a reader last week are unfounded and mean spirited and we, as veterans, disavow them.

Each of us has known Thom Kleiner for the better part of 25 years, before, during and after his previous service as town supervisor. He has been a constant supporter of the veterans of our town, not just by showing up for the obligatory holiday events, but throughout the year in a variety of ways. He always went out of his way to recognize us as individuals, to thank us for our service and to provide funding for our meaningful projects.

Kleiner has criticized Chris Day’s call to impose “military discipline” on the town and its employees. We do not agree with Day’s approach, but, regardless, the matter has nothing whatsoever to do with us, as military veterans, and does not speak at all to Kleiner’s qualifications or fitness to lead Orangetown again as he did so capably in the past. His record and exemplary service is the reason for our support of his candidacy. Any suggestion that Mr. Kleiner’s questioning of Mr. Day’s positions or plans is, in any way, a slap at veterans – intended or otherwise – is nonsense, and those who have known Thom Kleiner over these last many years know that.


Frank Allegro, Tappan, U.S. Navy, Vietnam
Paul Raso, Tappan, U.S. Army Special Forces, Vietnam
Ben Roujansky, Orangeburg, U.S. Air Force, World War II

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