The Orangetown Classic Diner on Rt. 303 might have the same glitzy and glamorous façade but now it has an improved menu and impressive quality of food.

Once you open the doors to diner you will immediately see and feel a fresh new revitalized look.  The freshness doesn’t stop there; the food quality and menu are truly welcome to the Rockland area conveniently located on 303.

Gone are the days of a stale diner menu. Now the diner serves deluxe appetizers, entrees, burgers, salads, and a bevy of spiked and non-alcoholic drinks for their new customers all at truly affordable prices. The Rockland County Times stopped in to check it out and we more than pleasantly surprised with the high quality and fresh food that the cool new spot offers.

The menu is so varied for those that are hungry and health conscious can both sit down for a meal and be pleasant surprised.

I chose to start with the “Antioxidant Salad” which was a healthy and delicious mix of kale, broccoli, avocado, with a sweet mix of blueberries and sliced grapes balanced with the perfect vinaigrette. I also opted to try the nachos, which were made with fresh ingredients, and tossed so the entire appetizer had the perfect amount of fresh beef, lettuce and cheese throughout the dish. No dreaded dry spots!

For the main course I decided to try one of their specialty burgers, the L.A. Burger was a high-grade burger topped with Swiss cheese, avocado, and spinach coupled with real homemade French Fries with just the right amount of skin on them.

The service was fast and friendly. I was surprised by how little of a wait I had for such high quality and delicious food.

The diner has flat screen televisions smartly placed through out the restaurant and on game day they were playing Giants game silently. The restaurant plays pleasant atmospheric music to make your visit as pleasant as possible.

I know I will be returning to the Orangetown 303 Classic Dinner again. This place outperforms the average diner by far.

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