Creek Embankment Stabilization Project Completed in West Haverstraw Work

COUNTY PRESS RELEASE – Rockland County Executive Ed Day joined other officials last Thursday, Oct. 5 to announce the completion of a flood-prevention project along the Minisceongo Creek in West Haverstraw.

“The work we have done will prevent a repeat of the catastrophic flooding that occurred here six years ago during Hurricane Irene,” he said.

The County Executive was joined by West Haverstraw Village Mayor Robert D’Amelio and Vincent Altieri, executive director of the Rockland County Drainage Agency.

The Minisceongo Creek Embankment Stabilization Project was a cooperative effort between the County, the Drainage Agency, West Haverstraw and GenOn, an energy company.

“We were able to finish this project on time and under budget,” Day said. “We fully expect the cost to be reimbursed by FEMA.”

The project cost about $963,214 which is under the contracted amount of $1.12 million.

It is near another embankment stabilization project along the Minisceongo Creek for which the County received $1.02 million in FEMA reimbursement over the summer.

During Hurricane Irene in 2011, raging flood waters severely eroded the bank of the creek for hundreds of feet, including areas where GenOn has utilities.

An apartment complex located near the creek and residents in the surrounding areas had to be evacuated.

As part of the project, the Village of West Haverstraw relocated an outfall pipe from its municipal storm water system above the cliff.

GenOn stabilized areas around its newly rebuilt and upgraded infrastructure.

And the County further stabilized areas downstream of the NRG portion.

Rockland entered into a contract with OCS Industries as its general contractor and with KS Engineers for its inspection services.

The County hopes to apply for state funds to extend a trail from the Hudson River along the Minisceongo Creek to the Garner Arts Center in Garnerville, Day said.

This extensions would enable more people to enjoy the natural beauty of Haverstraw and the creek.

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