Hometown Happenings: Clarkstown Residents Win!


One of the most overlooked services of the Town is maintenance of the sewer lines and sewer pump stations through our Department of Environmental Control. We all go about our day not really thinking about where our waste water goes. The fact is there are 19 sewer pump stations throughout Clarkstown collecting waste water from the sewer lines that connect to our houses. It’s imperative for the health and safety of us all that we maintain our sewer infrastructure and keep our equipment and technology up to date.

As part of my commitment to cut spending, my administration has sought millions of dollars in available federal and state money. To date, my office is overseeing nearly $12 million awarded to the Town of Clarkstown. From $500,000 for the restoration of the Traphagen property to another $450,000 to repair the leaky police department roof, that’s $12 million that will not be shouldered by our residents.

Earlier this year, the town submitted an application to the state to help replace three of our pump stations. Last week, I learned that we were successful and received a $623,000 grant from New York State to replace those three sewer pump stations. I was so pleased to learn our hard work paid off. Clarkstown was fortunate to be one of only two municipalities in Rockland County to receive this grant. And I want to thank our hardworking staff in DEC for the tenacious efforts.

The award was part of a $255 million statewide investment, funded through New York’s Water Infrastructure Improvement Act, and will offset our $2 million sewer project.

With the help of this grant, we will replace three pump stations located on Foxwood Drive in West Nyack, Western Highway in West Nyack, and Rinee Road in Nanuet. The stations are expected to be constructed in the spring of 2018 and service hundreds of residents in West Nyack and Nanuet.

These three particular sewer pump stations are outdated and technologically antiquated. The replacement project work will replace electric panels, pumping machinery, and piping within the structures. The project will reduce maintenance issues, reduce infiltration/inflow of extraneous sources to the collection system, and increase the efficiency of the pumping stations.

Most importantly this grant helps offset the burden from the hardworking taxpayers of Clarkstown. I’m thankful to the state for this award and look forward to continuing to improve our system so that Clarkstown remains a great place to live, work, and raise a family.

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