Town of Ramapo Highway super race

Robert Romanowski, Candidate for Superintendent of Highways, Town of Ramapo (Republican, Green, Reform)


After a number of years of observing the deteriorating conditions in the Town of Ramapo in quality of life issues such as zoning, over-development, over stressed infrastructure and litter he decided not to stand by and watch what was happening, but to become involved.

Robert was born at Good Samaritan Hospital in Suffern, NY and is a lifelong resident of the Town of Ramapo.  He was educated in East Ramapo Schools and graduated from Spring Valley High School.  He then attended the State University of New York at Morrisville where he received an A.A.S. degree in Natural Resources Conservation.

Robert is not new to politics having run for elected office five times before, running for Ramapo Supervisor in 2009 and Ramapo Town Council in 2010 and 2013.  New York State Assembly in 2014 and Town of Ramapo Superintendent of Highways in 2015.

Robert is active in the Ramapo Republican Committee and serves as an Executive Committee member.  Robert is also a Republican State Committee Member for the 97th Assembly District where he attends State Committee meetings in Albany, NY.


I have been involved in construction work and labor related trades for many years.  I have excellent mechanical skills along with the ability to operate all highway department equipment.  I am certified by the Rockland Municipal Planning Federation.

Platform Planks

  • Continue to provide Town of Ramapo residents with the best level of service that they expect and have been receiving from the Town of Ramapo Highway Department.
  • Work to seek out grant money and funds from FEMA to implement projects without the use of taxpayer money.  Efficient and effective taxpayer service is the goal.
  • Implement an Equipment Replacement Program so that all equipment is replaced with the most technologically advanced product when its useful life is reached.
  • Implement a Road Replacement Program so that all roads in the Town receive maintenance at specific intervals.  No area will receive preferential treatment.
  • Maintain the independent status of the Superintendent of Highways position and the Ramapo Highway Department which reports to the taxpayers, not the Ramapo Town Board.


I have been attending Ramapo Town Board, Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals meetings for 15 years.  I have also attended Public Hearings on many Town of Ramapo issues.  My attendance at these meetings has allowed me to become acquainted with the issues and problems that are facing the Town of Ramapo.  Along with Mike Parietti, I am one of the two petitioners trying to bring a ward system form of government to the Town of Ramapo.




Fred Brinn, candidate for Ramapo Highway Superintendent (Democratic Party)


Raised in the Bronx, I settled in New Hempstead with my wife in 1989. Four of our five children were born here and all went through elementary school in Rockland. A former Mayor of New Hempstead, I have more than a decade of political expertise and a stellar political record and reputation across all demographics. First introduced to Larry Dessau, his predecessor, when he was President of Kehillat New Hempstead, they built a lasting relationship that led first to Fred’s first appointment to the zoning board of the Village of New Hempstead in 2004. In 2006, he moved up to the Board of Trustees and was then appointed deputy Mayor in 2007. When Mayor Dessau decided to retire in 2014, Mr. Brinn ran unopposed and won.


Real estate executive;Former Mayor of New Hempstead; Served as deputy mayor, member of the New Hempstead Board of Trustees and as a Zoning Board member


Rockland County Central Labor Council, CSEA, Building and Construction Trades Council of Rockland County


The biggest challenge we face is finding a way to build a modern infrastructure that supports all parts of the town. This is critical to ensuring that Ramapo can manage future growth in a way that is sustainable for all our residents. My top priority is to ensure we continue to improve the service we provide the public while also planning for a future Ramapo that is safer, cleaner and more open for all our residents.

The best way to ensure we meet the growing need for housing and schools in a safe and sustainable way is to ensure the town has a modern infrastructure moving forward. We need future development decisions to follow a revised comprehensive Land Use Plan that takes into account all aspects of development, including public safety.


As a former mayor, I know what it takes to bring people together around common sense solutions to the challenges we all face together.  In Ramapo, we need leaders who embrace our diversity and seek solutions that benefit all of our residents. My fellow Ramapo For All candidates and I are committed to turning the page on the negativity and divisiveness that have dominated this town for too long.  The people of Ramapo deserve more.


If we are going to move our town forward, we must do so together. That means embracing our diversity and reaching out to all the various communities that call Ramapo home.  As a leader of the Preserve Ramapo movement, my opponent Robert Romanowski has been one of the most divisive figures in town politics for years. If you want to bring Ramapo together and find real solutions to the problems we face, vote Row A all the way on Tuesday, November 7.

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