How Social Media Is Affecting Our Lives

1847 Twitter followers and 5900 Instagram Followers. This is far fewer followers than Jennifer Lopez has, but far more than an average user has. But who cares?

Social media websites being used almost by 1/3 of the entire world. Just imagine the numbers. It is absolutely clear that social media certainly influences our society and our minds. We can deny that we care about likes, reposts, and followers. But the truth is opposite. How often do you visit Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter? And what about YouTube?

Every day, thousands of people scroll their social media accounts while drinking coffee in their favorite cafes instead of enjoying the food and the atmosphere around. Every time we have a minute, we take our phones and check the accounts – in restaurants, cafes, department stores, airports, trains, on the beach, in the park, by the pool, etc. We do it without realizing how dangerous it is to use unprotected Wi-Fi signals in public places. As it is the easiest way for the hackers to steal the private data. So, please use at least a VPN service – pick the best vpn 2017 here – to protect your private information.

Social Media in Our Lives

How does social media affect our everyday lives?

  •     Imagine a situation when you have to congratulate your friend on his/her birthday. What would you do 12 years ago and what would you do now? 12 Years ago you would probably send a beautiful postcard. Today, all you have to do is just to open your Facebook account and write a couple of words on your friend’s wall. This is the brightest example of how social media kills the actual communication in real life. It may sound funny, but social media actually makes us unsocial.
  •     Social media is disconnecting us in very different ways. We’ve all seen this when families and couples are out to dinner being clearly together but on their smartphones at the same time. Studies show that we check our phones more than 150 times a day. And most of this time actually is taken by social media. We don’t talk about how technologies divide us and how much we depend on them.
  •     Studies show that social media is harmful to our mental health too. Why? This happens because people are constantly concentrating and overthinking filtering, photoshopping, and projecting their lives in social media to look better than others. Social media makes people compare and despair. It causes a psychological addiction, making users dependable on their accounts and web pages.

And what about you? How much time do you spend on social media every day?

Remember, you don’t need to be on the Internet 24/7 in order to be effective, even if you’re into online marketing. As it can completely overwhelm your life, replacing the real moments with the virtual ones.


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