Bear Mountain hosts annual “” Salon

Simone Hosang, Nancy Lenore, Alyce Kitt, Cecilia Halverson, Nancy Seeback, Cynthia Branca, Kerry Potter and Risa Hoag of Rockland Business Women’s Network
Photo submitted by Rockland Business Women’s Network


On Thursday, October 19 held its 19th annual grand business salon at the scenic Bear Mountain Inn where.

Professionals from all over the tri-state area gathered to network, socialize, and take in a picturesque fall day as they talked shop and shared stories about their various business ventures. Men and women of vastly varied levels of success and prominence in business were all invited by Toby Nadler, the founder of the site and the annual salon, to learn from each other and enjoy fine desserts in the Perkins Ballroom.

Some professionals, such as Executive Management Consultant Ellen Harris, came to seek out networking opportunities. As a veteran marketing coach Harris is well versed in making connections and optimizing the potential of her clients. Sometimes that’s as simple as introducing a local winemaker to the owner of a premium dessert company and seeing how the two can pair their respective brands together for greater profit.

Other professionals were in attendance to show off their products and generate interest in their companies. Frank Florio of Perfect Snax Prime used the dessert tasting as a chance to get people excited for his new brand of popcorn.

Florio handed out bags of his patent product, which features popcorn mixed with chocolate chip cookies, Oreos and other sweet snacks. Perfect Snax Prime is enjoying a period of rapid growth having recently partnered up with snack juggernauts such as Mrs. Fields and Kelloggs to include their products in his popcorn; the snacks are already being sold in six different countries.

Some attendees including Risa Hoag and her fellow members of the Rockland Business Women’s Network were drawn to the salon by the educational opportunities afforded by interacting with so many prosperous entrepreneurs. Others were simply eager to participate in an event that celebrated women in business, excited to meet women like Dr. Stacie Grant, an international speaker and TV personality, or to hear guest speakers such as NY Times Best Seller Lisa Oz, spouse of fellow celebrity MD,  Dr. Mehmet Oz.

The positive attitude of the salon was infectious and evident in everyone present. It was an opportunity and celebration for local venders who had succeeded in forging their own brands of success.

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