Dill’s Fresh Mediterranean Grill a Welcome Addition to New City’s Main Street


The first thing you’ll notice when stepping into Dill’s Fresh Mediterranean Grill in New City is the enticing smell of roasting meat. The aroma tickles your nostrils and tempts your stomach as you peruse the menu.

A small and casual restaurant with a clearly visible kitchen, Dill’s lets its product speak for themselves, proudly displaying the gyros, rice bowls, and salads being prepared for hungry customers while diners line up to place their orders. The new restaurant offers a variety of Levant style cuisine from a customizable menu that lets customers choose between a pita, wrap, rice or salad bowl, and then stuff it full of meats, vegetables, and house made sauces. Dill’s offers all kinds of authentic Mediterranean style fare—from fresh falafel to savory beef shawarma.

The second thing you’ll notice about Dill’s is the fantastic quality of service. The cashier who takes your order, the cooks who walk the food to your table themselves—they’re all very polite and attentive. Dill’s has a very welcoming atmosphere that makes eating inside the restaurant a pleasant experience (although they also offer a carryout option). Service is prompt and friendly and the food is served literally seconds after coming off of the grill, making every meal hot, fresh and above all, tasty.

The third thing you’ll notice is, of course, the food itself. The salads are crisp and refreshing and no doubt made with fresh-cut lettuce. The falafel is crunchy and spicy, creating a nice contrast with the delicious vegetables mixed in the salad bowl. The fried chickpeas practically melt in your mouth and are perfectly balanced with the refreshing taste of salad greens.

The traditional pork gyro is a must have for meat lovers regardless of whether you put it on a pita sandwich or mix it into a rice bowl. The meat is smoky, flavorful and generously portioned and the sandwiches are almost bursting at the seams with robust salty flavor. The Tzatziki sauce is tangy and delicious and goes well on everything, from the roasted pork to the French fries. Even the cold brew coffee is delicious and satisfying, offering a powerful taste guaranteed to wake you up and leave you energized.

Dill’s Fresh Mediterranean Grill is a wonderful new addition to New City’s Main Street and must-visit spot for anyone with a passion for Greek or Levant style cuisine.

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