OMBUDSMAN ALERT: GREATER NYACK AREA RESIDENTS: How Would You Like To See the Revival of the “Nyack Trolley?”


This past week your ombudsman spoke to each of the mayors of the three Greater Nyack Villages: Mayor Jen White of the Village of Nyack, Mayor Karen Tarapata of the Village of Upper Nyack and Mayor Bonnie Christian of the Village of South Nyack, concerning my proposal to bring back the so-called “Nyack Trolley.”

The original trolley dates back several decades to the days of Nyack Village Mayor Terry Hekker and is fondly remembered by many of us who have lived in Rockland and visited Nyack in the years after the construction of the original Tappan Zee Bridge. My fruitful discussions with the current three mayors were followed up with invitations by Mayors White and Christian to address their respective Village Boards on November 9 and 14, respectively.

Each of these boards were most interested in the revelation of the fact that the Town of Ramapo was granted county-funded Loop Bus Service conducted by TOR, which enabled Ramapo residents to travel very safely and economically to supermarkets, shopping malls as well as locations to fulfill their medical and other pressing needs. This service was particularly valuable for both non-drivers as well as those individuals who would like to avoid driving in the winter months on snow-covered roads, as well as to many senior citizens.

I suggested that since their respective municipalities lie within the Towns of Orangetown and Clarkstown, the County of Rockland will be compelled to treat their residents just as fairly as they treated the residents in Ramapo. It was my further suggestion that the three villages band together and make one single application to the County of Rockland for this Loop Service, and, if possible, request bus service that would mimic the old “Nyack Trolley.” Further benefits of this single application of Loop service joining all three Nyack Villages is that it would create a greater bonding for the purposes of sharing cultural and other events, including tourism among all three villages.

The South Nyack Board of Trustees requested the ombudsman draw up a preliminary application, which would be reviewed by their board and, after any changes and amendments, would be sent to the other two Nyack boards for their approval and/or amendments before a finalized version would be sent to the County of Rockland.

It is this ombudsman’s great honor to assist all three villages in this important task.

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