Unsung Hero: Sheryl Rose, Volunteer Secretary of the Rockland County Volunteer Firefighters’ Association

Among other duties, Sheryl Rose is the assistant editor of the Trumpet, a newsletter for the Rockland County Volunteer Firefighters’ Association.


Sheryl Rose has served as the volunteer secretary of the Rockland County Volunteer Firefighters’ Association (RCVFA) since September 1988 and has been the assistant editor of its newsletter “The Trumpet” since 2007.

The object of the RCVFA is the advancement of the interests of the volunteer firefighters and the fire service by promoting and strengthening the bonds of unity between the various fire departments and fire companies throughout Rockland County. The meeting programs are educational and informational to keep members up-to-date on firefighting operations that pertain to them, with an emphasis on firefighter safety and wellbeing. It also celebrates the heritage that has brought the organization to the current time and recognizes past leadership. The Association annually recognizes and celebrates the length of service for all Rockland firefighters with 50+ years of service, as well as fire companies with significant anniversaries.

“I created the ‘Certificate of Valor,’ give out memorial certificates to the chiefs and type The Trumpet, our monthly newsletter. I send the newsletter to all the fire companies, as well as those in Westchester County, Dutchess County and the retired firefighters living outside the area,” Sheryl Rose told the Rockland County Times. “I prepare the firefighter graduation pamphlet for the ceremonies each January and June. When there are firefighter seminars at hotels, I sign people in. I keep records of what training classes were taken by firefighters and keep records of firefighters transferring from one fire house to another. I write out the checks for scholarships given by the instructors at the Fire Training Center in honor of former instructor Andy Fredericks who died on 911 and was a member of the Elmsford Fire Department. I coordinate all of the socials such as the Boulder games and Christmas parties, and sign everyone up. I also send out fliers weekly that announce car shows, comedy nights and parades.”

Sheryl Rose received the following awards:

– Rockland County Volunteer Firefighters’ Association for Services Given: September 2000

–  Made Honorary Member of the Rockland County Volunteer Firefighters’ Association:  September 2012

–  Rockland County Fire Chiefs Association William Herman Presidents Award (for going above and beyond the call of duty for the fire service): March 2012

–  Rockland County Officers Association (for dedication and support of the association): May 2012

–  Pearl River Fire Department (for outstanding service to officers and members): April 2015

“Sheryl’s contribution to the fire service is enormous—there’s not a training officer or chief that does not consider her a friend,” Rockland County Fire Service Coordinator Peter Byrne said. “She always makes you feel that your issue is the most important item she is working on. Sheryl works with NYS on state training being offered in Rockland along with 20+ instructors offering Rockland County courses. Besides her assistance with the training, she’s always assisting the various associations with their seminars and fundraisers. At every major and minor event that involves the Rockland County Volunteer Fire Service, you’ll see Sheryl there helping.”

“When I started working at the Fire Training Center, the firefighters started asking me to help them with little things—then it sort of mushroomed into me coming to seminars, typing certificates, taking attendance and helping out whenever they needed assistance,” Sheryl Rose concluded. “I was also enlisted into keeping email lists of all the members and sending out reminders for the next meeting. I have a lot of the information already from compiling the Fire Service Directory. I have the lists of all associations, meeting dates, places and times they give to me for The Trumpet newsletter. Whenever they need anything, they will always call me. I’m very happy to help them in any way I can.”

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