Fighting the walking dead wood

Skoufis sets out against zombie poles

Assemblyman James Skoufis (D-Woodbury) has launched an effort to wipe zombies from our midst; zombie utility poles that is.

Referring to poles no longer in use, the zombies are eyesores and can become dangerous if their conditions degrade, Skoufis said. The lawmaker wants public utilities to get out and remove the poles.

According to the Public Service Commission 1,107 such poles are scattered in the 99th Assembly District, which Skoufis represents. “The Hudson Valley is known for its environment and natural beauty,” said Skoufis.

“Nobody wants to see a bunch of old, useless poles rotting by the side of the road. Additionally, these zombie poles can be a threat to public safety as they grow older and more dilapidated.”

The lawmaker said local utilities including Central Hudson Gas & Electric, Orange & Rockland, Verizon and others have agreed to help the effort.

This is the second campaign Skoufis has waged against zombies, promoting legislation earlier this year calling on banks to take better care of “zombie properties.” Uncared-for vacant properties push down property values in their neighborhoods and cause a general decrease in the quality of life.

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