Ramapo’s St. Lawrence Sentencing Delayed

Former Ramapo Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence’s sentencing hearing on corruption related charges was delayed indefinitely on Nov. 27.

U.S. Judge Cathy Seibel said she will look further at financial losses by investors who bought the town’s bonds before deciding his sentence. The judge said though St. Lawrence clearly committed fraud leading investors to face increased risk, they did ultimately get paid.

St. Lawrence’s attorney is advocating for probation but given the potential investor loss of $2.3 million in deserved interest, a 14-year prison sentence is on the table, while probation officers are officially recommending a sentence of 24 to 30 months. Seibel said she wants to know if investors were aware of the risk they were taking by buying the town bonds.

The delayed sentencing is frustrating to constituents who blame him for the town’s financial situation and zoning and building issues. Ramapo taxpayers also pointed out that it was residents who would have shouldered any increased cost on bonds due to St. Lawrence’s deception.

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