OMBUDSMAN ALERT: “Creative Aging in Nyack” has Made its Debut


The term “Aging In Place” is often used to describe a person living in their own residence, as long as they are able as they age. “Creative Aging in Nyack” is a recently formed innovative senior citizen group that serves as an umbrella organization for those senior citizens residing in the 10960 zip code who prefer to be “Aging in Place.”

Your ombudsman, fitting the above criteria, joined this group on December 1 at their biweekly meeting held in the community room of the Nyack Library. It was most impressive that the room (with a capacity of over 100 seats) was filled with mostly Greater Nyack area senior citizens.

The chairperson, Ann Kiley Morgan, was most gracious in welcoming me to this group. Her conduct of the meeting was well organized as she announced future meeting dates, presented a financial report and introduced numerous members who made presentations concerning “assignments” they had undertaken to give their assessments of various businesses and organizations located in or near Nyack.

These included The Birchwood Center, a yoga and message studio currently offering a $40 special of one-month of unlimited yoga, the Bow Tie Cinema in New City, offering those 62 and older $7 tickets for first run films, Didier Patisserie, coffee and “the best treats in town,” Herblack Paints and Hardware, the Hudson House, Elmwood Playhouse, Historical Society of the Nyacks, currently featuring a new exhibit telling the story of Marydell’s 90-year history, Maria Luisa’s, offering clothing, shoes and accessories for all ages, Maureen’s Jazz Cellar and the Nyack Garden Club.

Recently the author of this presented a case for the revival of the “Nyack Trolley,” which was very well received by the large audience “although some hoped it could be an electric trolley.”

A most impressive announcement was made by Sally Savage who told us that on December 5, the Nyack Youth Collaborative was sending 36 youths by bus to the African-American Museum in Washington, D.C. and that it would be greatly appreciated if our members could contribute snacks for the kids as they travel, which could be left off at the Nyack Center on Monday, December 4.

It’s most heartening that this senior group also cares very much for our youth!

In the opinion of the ombudsman, the key to the success of “Creating Aging in Nyack” is in their attempt to involve each one of its members in contributing to creative projects as described above, which will ultimately benefit every one of its members.

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