Clarkstown Assessment Questions Answered Tonight

By Robert Knight

The Congers Civic Association and the Clarkstown Assessor’s office will attempt to explain  for residents the new property tax assessment rolls and the town and county property taxes that are assessed on each property. At the same time, they will attempt to explain what taxes deductible and for what purposes and to what extent.

The public meeting of the association will be held tonight (Thurs., Dec.14) at 7:30 p.m.. at the Congers Veteran’s Memorial Association building at 66 Lake Road in downtown Congers, adjacent to the Fire Department. It is open to the public, free of charge, and includes the Civic Association’s annual holiday party featuring pastries and home made cider from member Dr. Davie’s Farm Stand.

Association President Gerry O’Rourke says the guest speaker will be Clarkstown Assessor James Molinari.

With the town and county tax bills coming in the mail directly between three major holidays, and with controversy surrounding all aspects of tax deductibility between the local, state and federal tax liens, O”Rourke said this appeared to be the ideal time for such a talk.

Among the topics that will be explained tonight are the following:

1.How individual tax bills are determined for the thousands Clarkstown property owners:

2. How they get parceled out to each individual homeowner (including commercial landlords):

3. The difference between “Homestead” and “non-Homestead assessments.

4. The New York State-imposed equalization rate related to the uniform percent of assessed value shown on the tax bill.

5. How Realtors and appraisers use the figures in establishing property values for sales and taxing guidance.

6. New York State STAR exemption program as well as the “enhanced STAR” program and how property owners can take advantage of them.

7. How specialized “districts” are assessed separately, with little to no local input, including fire and ambulance corps districts, town lighting and sewer districts, and county-wide water and waste water districts.

In other business, O’Rourke announced in the association’s quarterly newsletter that the Association-Sponsored lCongers History Museum will be open to the public, free of charge, on Sat. Jan. 20 and Sat., Feb. 17, from1-4 p.m. the museum is located on the second floor of the Congers Railroad Station in the heart of the hamlet’s downtown business center.Annual dues in the association will remain level at $5 per person or $7 per family per year, running from January trough December. They can be made at any meeting of by mail at P.O. Box 10, Congers, 10920.

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