What Does a Good Essay Mean?

Don’t be ashamed if you’re struggling with essay writing. Most students have the same problems when it comes to the academic writing process. They don’t know where to begin, how to structure, and where to find the information. Generally speaking, they simply don’t understand how an essay should look like. And that is a common problem. They have the ideas but don’t know what to do with them.

Today, we’re going to explain what teachers mean under a good essay and how it should look like. If this information is not enough for you, you can always get more useful recommendations from the professional writing companies. If you’re interested, read edubirdie review to get to know a little bit more about how it works and why applying to a professional writing team is sometimes the best choice you can make when writing an academic assignment.

And now, let’s look closer at the essay writing process in general, trying to understand the secret formula of a perfect writing.

How to Write an Essay

Pre-reading can be a good starting point for a qualitative essay. If you don’t have any idea what is your topic about, pre-reading is a must. It is also the most time-consuming part. Write down every single page number that you have taken research from. Thus, you won’t need to go back to this when you start the actual writing.

Planning is essential. It helps you to create a perfect structure for your writing later. And it helps your ideas to flow. You can split your plan into different books, making sure that you’ve written down the title of each book and the key point of each it too. This will definitely sort your ideas out.

If you stuck with your writing and can’t produce any qualitative idea, just brainstorm. Write down every idea you have concerning the topic of your essay. Then, take all of that information and get it organized. Divide it into several sections, pointing out possible arguments, thesis, etc. Sometimes the teacher provides a detailed paragraph of what he or she wants to see in your essay. So, make sure that the direction of your ideas and research corresponds to those requirements.

One more hint. If you have an essay, it is basically asking you to present an argument. It’s all about how you’re going to put everything together.

Basic Essay Structure

Before you start writing an essay, it is important to understand a basic essay structure.

No matter what kind of essay you’re working on, the core structure will be always the same. So, each essay consists of 3 basic parts:

  • Introduction;
  • Body;

An introduction and conclusion are of one paragraph only while a body part can be of any number of paragraphs you want depending on the length of the essay and the requirements you have. An introduction can be divided into 3 more parts: the hook (a sentence, which engages the reader), background (essential information for the reader, which helps to understand the main idea of your essay), and thesis (the main idea of your essay). The body part of your writing should continue and support the thesis, mentioned in the introduction part. The longer essay is the more expert opinions and quotations it may include. A concluding paragraph summarises your main ideas, restating the thesis.

Now you know how to create a good essay with a proper structure. Go ahead and start working on your own writing assignment right away. These recommendations can be applied to any field and subject you’re studying at university or college.


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