Return to Retro: Game Boy Advance

At the end of the last century, if someone was playing a full-fledged platform game with beautiful graphics on a portable console, it meant that it was Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance. The product line has sold over 200 million units worldwide, it was a total success.

When the teenagers of that time were able to get Game Boy finally – they were infinitely happy, considering that the price of this console was not at all small, and the games for it were quite expensive as well. Not everyone could afford it, but many teenagers wanted to play it. At that time nobody knew about Game Boy ROMS download, though nowadays many former players are looking for that. In this case gameboy emulators will be helpful for you and your perfect amusement time.

The players loved the “Earthworm Jim”, the port of the classic game about Jim The Worm from Super Nintendo. Its genre is platform-shooter, and it is very specific regarding style and humor of developers. Earthworm Jim was incredibly long and sophisticated. Each level was so unique in terms of graphics, sound, gameplay that sometimes it seemed that you are playing some interactive series about this worm. By the way, many people liked the game so much that after it they started watching the series about the same Earthworm Jim.

But what if you cannot find your old Game Boy Advance, but you want to play a couple of old games? Simply consider the option of NES emulator download. Even if you find your console, it is possible that, due to the lack of backlighting, it will be possibly comfortable though already unusual to play it. Buttons are tiny and toy-like. Now, of course, it’s very difficult to take the console seriously, but before it was outside of competitors and the most popular portable console on the market by right.

Do You Remember What You Were Playing Before?

You can make a long list of what were played on GBA. The games themselves were expensive, and the children practiced exchanging cartridges with friends. Here are just some examples to raise your nostalgia:

  • Tomb Raider: The prophet,
  • The Simpsons: Road rage,
  • Ice Age,
  • Sonic The Hedgehog,
  • Need for speed,
  • The Lord of The Rings…

Every company that produces consoles has exclusive games, which are unique and can’t be found on any other console. This moves the market as a whole and makes the company competitive. At Nintendo, it was, first of all, Mario. In total, 16 Games about Mario were released on GBA. It can be considered the best platform in principle. But the games about Mario are not just platform ones. Race cards from Nintendo, Super Mario Kart are the most recognized best arcade races on GBA, which also hints at the quality of the game series.

Another great exclusivity of the Japanese company is The Legend of Zelda. This game in a completely unique style, with an incredible storyline and just a fantastic musical performance is very popular all over the world. Any part of the series can be described as a great adventure. In all, three games of this series were released on GBA.

Someone still likes to play on consoles, but many players already prefer retro games on computers and other devices. Everyone decides for himself, and the choice is yours!

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