How to Write an Application Essay to Impress the Committee

Is there any way to write a perfect application essay, which guarantees that you will be accepted to your favorite college or university? Probably no. Your acceptance to a specific institution depends on the multiple factors, including your grades, resume, activity list, teacher’s recommendations, and so on. But your application essay is one of the most serious factors, which influences whether a committee will find you to be a perfect fit for their university or not. Thus, writing a powerful admission essay is something you should pay special attention to.

In this article we’re going to reveal some secret recommendations of what a committee is looking for in your writing. In case this information is not enough, you can always apply to a professional writing service to get your admission essay checked by the real writers. So, pick whatever is better for you and start working on your essay right now.

What to Write About in Your Admission Essay

So, what would we recommend to write about and how it if you had to send it today?

The first advice is to write naturally. Don’t force yourself to sound specifically funny or serious in your essay if you don’t feel so. Your writing should have a natural feel when the committee members will be reading it. Don’t write for the sake of writing. Find your own style which you feel comfortable yourself in. Your essay can be written even in a humorous way, but it should have some limitations. Forget about slang. You definitely can’t write and express your thoughts in the admission essay the same way you do it while texting with your friends. This style is inappropriate here. The committee is looking for a content. So, the content must be created in a proper way.

If you’re not sure whether your essay is written in a proper way or not, ask your teachers or parents to review it to make sure that the language and the format are 100% appropriate for a college. Don’t write about somebody else. The central point of your admission essay is your personality, and your achievements. You write it to show the application committee who you are, what your goals are, and where you are moving. Be the star of your own writing. It should be all about you, your personality and values.

One more advice is to be authentic. Don’t try to copy someone else’s writing or ideas. Be who you are. If you enjoy football and it is a huge part of your life, which has changed you for better, write about it. Many students try to write about the volunteering jobs, even if they have never been involved in volunteering. Of course, if volunteering is a major activity in your life, don’t fail to describe it in your admission essay. But always make sure your writing sounds like yourself. That’s what you want really pay attention to. Hear your own voice in your writing.

Topics to Avoid in Your Admission Essay

There are many things you can write about as well as avoid in your application essay. It is difficult to list some specific topics, but we’ll try to explain the things which are not relevant enough for a good admission essay. Everything depends on how you approach a certain topic.

  • Don’t write about something that you’re not comfortable with enough to share with your high school teachers;
  • You might stay away from the topics, which concern your love relationships or some global issues, which can’t be described in one short admission essay only. Choosing a topic which is too general is a problem a lot of students have. Some topics are almost cliche for the students. So, don’t pick something very global to talk about in your essay. Try to write about yourself. Share something your parents, teachers, and friends, but not the committee members know about.

If you want to discuss your grades in the admission essay, you need to know how to do it correctly too. This topic is not comfortable for everyone. Even if your grades in the high school weren’t the highest ones, you should feel comfortable talking about it fairly. Don’t apologize for those grades. Just explain everything as it is. What has influenced your lower grades? How did you overcome those grades?

So, the main rule of writing an effective application essay is to be authentic and fair. Let the committee know who you are, where you are going, why you want to study there, and why you are the perfect candidate for that institution.


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