“Stick Fly” is a must see at Elmwood Playhouse


NYACK – Elmwood Playhouse presents Lydia R. Diamond’s dramatic comedy, “Stick Fly,” as they continue their 70th season.

Set in the family’s vacation home in the affluent Martha’s Vineyard, “Stick Fly” tells the story of an African-American family who butt heads over race, privilege, and their underlying secrets. Packed full of crass, wordy banter, and shocking revelations, “Stick Fly’ is the Elmwood Playhouse show of the year you do not want to pass up. 

Kent LeVey (Rahiem Wilson Morgan) and his plastic surgeon brother, Flip (Dameon Reilly), have both chosen the same weekend to introduce their significant others to their family at the Vineyard summer home. Kent and Taylor (Maiysha Jones-Reilly) are newly engaged, while Flip and his girlfriend, self-proclaimed WASP Kimber (Dana Duff), are just having fun.

The LeVey family patriarch, neurosurgeon Joe (Hasan M. Gray) arrives and turns on the charm for the ladies, but does not back down with his disdain of his youngest son’s inability to find a career. While Flip is a successful doctor, having followed in his father’s footsteps, Kent is a perpetual student who was dabbled in business, law and now writing.

The audience is let on to the fact that something big will be revealed from the beginning. Mrs. LeVey is said to be coming during the duration of the show, but never arrives to meet her doting family. Interestingly enough, the LeVey’s longtime maid, Ellie, has cancer, and instead sends her 18-year old daughter Cheryl (Sienna Jefferies) to take her place as the family’s summer caretaker. Through heated discussions, steamy love-triangles, and necessary comedic timing, the summer of secrets for the LeVey family leaves audience members of the edge of their seats.

While the entire cast was superb, the standout star of “Stick Fly” was easily the loudmouthed, sassy Cheryl, played by Sienna Jeffries. With ease, Jeffries transformed every word she said and every movement she made. A recent graduate of Long Island University Brooklyn, Sienna Jeffries has been featured in commercials and voice overs for numerous clients, including McDonalds, MTV and Air Jordan. Additionally, she has worked on shows like Blue BloodsThe Get Down, and The Good Fight, as well as movies such as Girl’s TripThe Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, starring Oprah Winfrey, and The Week Of, starring Chris Rock and Adam Sandler.

‘Stick Fly’ will play weekends through April 7th (excluding March 30th, 31st and April 1st) at Elmwood Playhouse, located at 10 Park Street in Nyack. For tickets and more information visit elmwoodplayhouse.com.

CAST AND CREW OF “STICK FLY:” Director, Joe Albert Lima; Assistant Director, Candy Pittari; Scenic Design, Ralph Felice; Lighting Design, Mike Gnazzo; Sound Design, Larry Wilbur; Costume Design, Janet Fenton and Claudia Stefany; Production Manager, Marissa Abreu; Producer, Lori Adelson and Robin Phillips. 

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