County Executive’s Corner “Rebirth and Renewal”

By Rockland County Executive Ed Day

As we look forward to celebrating Easter, Passover and this time of renewal, let’s find strength in our shared resolve and purpose in our common aspirations. This is a time of hope and peace, when our spirits are filled and lifted. It’s a time when we give thanks for our blessings-chief among them, freedom, peace, and the promise of eternal life.

Easter and Passover despite being celebrated by two different religions share similar themes of new beginnings; the rebirth of Christ and the birth of the Jewish people as a nation. Both observances tell of sacrifice and pain but also of hope and triumph. I ask that as we gather with our close friends and families we take time to think about what we all have in common.

We share the same hopes for the future, dreams for our families and have the same blood coursing through our veins. One of the messages of Passover is hope that we can change, that we can make things better. I believe that we are making things better here in Rockland.

We are working together to foster a better understanding of our neighbors and break down the mental walls that we have let divide us for far too long. Much of Rockland’s strength comes from our diversity. A diversity of religions, cultures and ideas that when properly focused can bring us all closer together.

I believe in the promise of this county. The promise of all of you. The promise that we can improve upon what we have already built and give future generations a chance to make Rockland their own. We all desire good schools, safe neighborhoods and a healthy environment. That’s why we chose to live in this beautiful county and it once again illustrates that we are more alike than different.

I also hope that this holy season will bring a renewal of faith, comfort, and hope for all our residents. This Easter and Passover let us pray for all our men and women in uniform and for the military families whose loved ones are deployed on important missions in distant lands. We especially remember those who have given their lives in freedom’s cause.

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