The Clarkstown Police Department is reporting numerous frauds that many Rockland residents have fallen victim to. With the help of the IRS and the FBI, Clarkstown Police Department has been investigating these frauds but most of the suspects are outside of the United States.

Case #27:

A New City resident reported to Clarkstown Police to report a possible case of fraud. The victim states that he received a pop-up window on his home computer stating that he had a virus. The ad had a phone number listed on the screen and instructed the victim to call. He called the number on the screen and spoke to a suspect named Jordan. The victim gave the suspect access to his computer over the Internet in order for the suspect to “fix” the virus. The suspect then demanded a ransom from the victim in the form of Target gift cards. This was repeated for different amounts over the course of a few days. The victim said he has never met the suspect in person and states that every time the suspect calls him it is from a different phone number.

Please beware of these frauds!


Giovanni Olivieri; 43 of Congers, is wanted for Criminal Possession of Stolen Property and Petit Larceny. On Monday, April 16, Mr. Olivieri allegedly entered a parked vehicle unlawfully and stole a flashlight from inside the vehicle. Mr. Oliveri was arraigned at Nyack Justice Court and transported to Rockland County Jail after he was unable to post his bail.

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