On this 243rd anniversary of the “shot heard around the world,” Gun Dynamics (GD) is starting a new revolution in the American firearms space.

Founded in response to the firearm product blackouts held up by all major crowdfunding platforms, Gun Dynamics exists to provide firearm innovators and inventors a platform to showcase their products and raise capital within a community of engaged gun enthusiasts.

Gun Dynamics is a place where firearm focused entrepreneurs can freely launch their projects and gun enthusiasts can back and buy the latest technologies from companies large and small. Additionally, we provide established companies a place to beta launch new products prior to investing thousands of dollars into tooling.

GD’s broader mission is to become the go-to resource hub for the gun community through providing a network of services and support to help the future John Browning’s develop their best ideas. This includes gun friendly design shops, PR groups, website services, banks, law firms, and business advisors. The recent Parkland tragedy stands to confirm that our model is more important than ever as more and more big corporate boards are abandoning the firearms, firearms products and the communities that require them.

It’s become overwhelmingly clear that an aggressive and well organized black listing campaign is being waged against the firearm industry and the tens of millions of hard working Americans that exercise their right to keep and bear arms in the 21st century. If this type of market discrimination is allowed to continue unchecked then what industry will be next?

Crowdfunding is a groundbreaking way for new innovators to bring their ideas to the masses. If firearm related products are denied a place to be showcased it puts the gun industry at a severe disadvantage. It is yet another way that the mainstream is suppressing our industry. Here at GD we decided to do something about it and we hope you will join us.

Gun Dynamics Founder Larry Lopata said, “The Gun Dynamics family is proudly standing up to provide the services the firearms community — the tens of millions of of underappreciated patriots — so desperately needs in light of corporate America’s hostile attacks on guns and gun owners. We believe American gun owners continue to serve as pillars for our great nation. If it hadn’t been for willing, selfless and armed citizens, America would be just another colony suffering without freedom. Just as guns won our liberty, they are essential in maintaining it.”

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