CLARKSTOWN: Hit and Run Car Accident Arrest

From Clarkstown PD 

At approximately 7:45 am the Clarkstown Police Department received a call from an Orangetown Police Officer that a hit and run car accident occurred at the gas station on the corner Waldron Ave and Rt. 59 in Central Nyack.

The Orangetown Officer stated that a maroon pickup truck, occupied by 2 male suspects, fled westbound on Rt. 59. As the officer approached the intersection of Rt. 59 and Palisades Center Dr, he observed the maroon pickup truck in front of the Rockland Paramedic building with heavy damage.

Both occupants had fled the scene on foot. An extensive search was conducted by the Clarkstown Police Department of the surrounding area. We deployed our drone to assist in the search of the suspects. The driver of the vehicle was found lying in the underground parking lot of the Palisades Mall with a serious head wound. The suspect was transported to Westchester Medical Center for a non-life threatening head injury. 

He was identified as Brandon Ware, 32, of Charlotte, NC. At this point it is not known whether Ware sustained the head injury as a result of the car accident or a fall from within the parking garage.

The other suspect was located in the woods area behind the paramedic building. He was not injured and was identified as Will Hochadel, 61, of Lakeland, Fl.

Brandon Ware was charged with DWI (misdemeanor) and will return to Clarkstown Justice Court at a later date. He is still undergoing medical care at this time. More information will be provided as it becomes available.                                                                                          

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