Five of America’s Favourite Foods


The United States of America is one of the biggest countries in the world, with one of the highest populations in the world. With that comes an array of tastes, preferences, and dietary requirements, which makes deciding on the USA’s favorite food almost impossible to agree on.

However, some foods undoubtedly are among the leaders, with food habits were taken from our childhoods into our adult lives before being passed down generation-to-generation. But what foods rank the highest when it comes to an all-time favorite?


Who doesn’t love pancakes? They can be enjoyed all year round and at whatever part of the day. However, most commonly they have become a breakfast snack, with millions of homes opting for the snack as a treat for getting through the week, and to begin the weekend unwinding.

They are best when they are thin, round and cooked on a hot surface after being prepared with butter. Of course, variations of the popular meal are up for debate, and we could argue for days whether it is best to have maple syrup, bacon, or chocolate sauce served with delicious fluffy flapjacks. One thing is for sure, there is no better way to start a day than enjoying a pancake with a coffee. The USA consumes a gargantuan half a billion cups of coffee per day (source

Mac and Cheese

It’s creamy and involves cheese; what could be better? It is the USA’s most loved comfort food, and is best done with a variety of different cheeses; to get the most flavour some macaroni and cheese. To further the experience, even more, it can be topped off with a delicate topping of parmesan.

The love affair between the country and food started when Thomas Jefferson introduced it. While nobody can lay claim to the original classic recipe of mac and cheese; everybody who loves it has their favorite variation on the dish.

Hot Dog

Another favourite comfort food that the American’s have latched onto and braced into their daily lives in the hot dog. A sausage wrapped into a bun; a genius concoction. Nowadays it is a mainstay in every sporting arena up and down the country, as well as billions sold daily in cinemas and theatres. It is best enjoyed with either ketchup or mustard; and on some occasions, both.

While the sausage was created in Germany by John Geoghehner in the late 1600s, the USA has made it their own after it became popular in Chicago during the 1890s. The sausage that everybody loves is either steamed or grilled, and after the sauce is added, they can be enjoyed further with onions, chilli or relish.


Let’s face it, there is one food that is more synonymous with the USA, than any other and that is the burger. What is better than a piece of meat served in between two slices of bread? You can expect to find the burger on every menu in every restaurant up and down the country.

The experience can be furthered further by adding cheese, lettuce and tomato, while personal preference can be made with regards to how the meat is cooked; although it is best-cooked medium. Restaurants such as McDonald’s have taken the burger to all corners of the world.

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