To the Editor,

Democrats and Independents in Ramapo seem to have a political death wish.

Many voters in Ramapo refuse to register in any party in order to show their independence. This guarantees that our very well organized Hassidic community will continue to control the Democratic primary and guarantees a town board that does what it is told. Our ever cooperative town supervisor who spent many years as a puppet providing “legal” advice to our zoning board of appeals was rewarded with elevation to his current position of town supervisor. As supervisor he has continued to encourage the destruction of our community.

At the county level many Democrats and independent voters opposed the election of an allegedly “conservative” Republican county executive. Ed Day “proved” his “conservatism” by cutting social programs which we certainly needed, but could not afford. We need more state support for social services but the solution, as Ed demonstrated, can’t come from driving our county into bankruptcy.

Ken Zabrowski could have won the recent Democratic primary for D.A. if some of those independent voters had registered as Democrats and voted in the primary. But, of course, for too many voters political purity is more important than political efficacy. Ken was defeated by a retired “Democratic” judge who first receive the Conservative and Republican lines and then won the Democratic primary with the virtually unanimous support of the Hassidic vote. This suggests that any criminal behavior by developers and slum lords in Ramapo that could be prosecuted at the county level will probably be ignored.

“Democrat” Walsh’s support by our county Conservative and Republican committees reveals how corrupt our county politics have become. Something that Ed Day is powerless to prevent.

Even though Ken is still on the Working Families line he has apparently decided not to run a real campaign for the election in November. That is a real loss for our county.

Robert I. Rhodes


Preserve Ramapo

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