Current Measures That Seek to Make Roads Safer

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There were an estimated 8,110 traffic crash fatalities just in the first four months of 2019. Though this shows a 1.1% decrease compared to last year’s numbers, motor vehicle-related deaths have still been at an all-time high in the last few years. There are many causes that contribute to these alarming statistics, one of which is the dangerous use of smartphones while driving. Thus, it’s important to be aware of ways to improve road safety, as this could be what will save your life in case of an accident. Here are some of the current measures being taken in order to make roads safer. 

Government Programs To Improve Highway Safety

 Highways can be very dangerous, simply because vehicles are traveling at higher speeds. Small, compact cars sustain a bigger impact when colliding with larger vehicles. Thus, having the latest car safety features can be life-saving in this instance. Larger vehicles such as pickup trucks can also cause a lot of damage upon impact if their trailers are not properly secured. As such, manufacturers have ensured that newer models of pickup trucks now come with the same advanced safety features – such as automated crash prevention – as other vehicles. To prevent these kinds of incidents, the state of New York has launched several programs to improve highway safety, as well as overall road safety. This includes the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HISP), which aims to reduce injuries and fatalities on all public roads. Some of the measures include installing rumble strips, improving signage and pavement markings, and launching pedestrian improvements. In 2016, one of the focuses on the Pedestrian Safety Action Plan was improving pedestrian safety in state routes 59 and 45 in Rockland County.  

Supporting Legislation And Regulations For Automated Vehicle Technology

There is a strong push for advanced connectivity and automation from the automotive industry. While fully autonomous vehicles are still being developed and tested, automobile manufacturers have introduced semi-autonomous features that improve the safety of their vehicles. Advanced driver-assistance systems such as adaptive cruise control, collision avoidance system and pedestrian crash avoidance mitigation help prevent crashes, or at least reduce the severity of collisions due to human error or environmental factors. For its part, the state of New York acknowledges the contribution of these automated technologies to road safety. As such, the government has expressed support for the continued testing of automated vehicles on public roads, as well as for legislation and national regulations involving these ongoing tests. 

Numbers for motor vehicle traffic fatalities are very alarming, considering that a lot of these car crashes might have been prevented by better road infrastructure or advanced vehicle technologies. Thankfully, there are already measures in place in an effort to make roads safer for drivers, passengers, bicyclists, motorcyclists, pedestrians, and anyone who might find themselves on the roadway. For our part, we also have to make sure to adopt safe driving habits and maintain vigilance when driving to ensure that we don’t become part of the statistic. 

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