Legislator Carey Calls For Term Limits Legislation

New City, NY (Oct. 7, 2019) – Rockland County Legislator Christopher Carey is calling for a resolution concerning term limits to be immediately placed on the agenda.

The resolution, which would include scheduling a date for a public hearing on implementing term limits for legislators, needs to be voted on in committee before it can move to the full Legislature for a final vote.

Legislator Carey has been vocal in his call for the enactment of term limits.

“The Rules Committee Chair, after repeatedly stating that she did not favor term limits, apparently had a change of heart and in January committed to placing a resolution on the agenda,” Legislator Carey said. “Yet months and months have gone by and it still has not happened.

“She has finally scheduled a Rules Committee meeting for Oct. 7, but the resolution is still not on the agenda,” Legislator Carey said.

Constituents have a right to know where each of the 17 members of the Legislature stand on the issue of term limits, Legislator Carey said.

“She is disenfranchising all voters by not allowing the item to be placed on the agenda so it can at least be discussed – something she now says she won’t do until after Nov. 5.

“I disagree with her claim that the issue has become ‘overly politicized,’” Legislator Carey said. “That’s the very definition of the abdication of leadership. My constituents demand their voices be heard and as their elected representative, so do I.”

Legislator Carey said term limits serve important purposes, including allowing new government representatives to bring fresh ideas to the job.

“In my view, a large amount of the partisan gridlock we are experiencing in the Rockland County Legislature – that fails to serve the citizens of Rockland – now stems from conflicts of a personal or political nature rather than honest philosophical differences,” Legislator Carey said. “The minority leadership has been pushing for term limits and I will continue to be at the forefront of that effort. The time to act is now.”


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