Shane Kersh – How to Get People to Your Blog

So you have created a cool blog, you have been working hard on making it the best that it can be, but nobody is coming to see it, sound familiar?

This was the issue which my partner Shane Kersh and I had a couple of years ago and after a couple of months had gone by we realized that we really had to do something in order to drive more people to the site and show off what we had to say. Shane and I spent over a month trialing and failing at many ways to bring people to the blog, and eventually people started to come and check us out. Most of my ideas failed but Shane’s worked very well indeed and here is how you can get more people to your blog.

Content and Design

Before you even launch your attack on trying to get more people to your blog it is vital that you make it shareable and of high quality. Failure to do this will see people coming to your blog only for them to be disappointed by what they find, and then they will not engage or share the content on there, nor will they come back.

Social Media

Social media is going to be an essential tool in helping to promote your blog and you need to take advantage of as many social media channels as you can manage. The key to using social media is to first drum up some support, utilize hashtags, follow people within your niche and add value to the conversation. Once you start to share your blog posts on your social media channels you will start to see a much bigger number of viewers coming to check you out, and this is where the ball will begin to roll. If you are going to share your content on social media do it in a creative way with calls to action and content that offers value. Another great tips is to keep an eye on trending topics and then share relevant blog posts using trending hashtags, a great way to bring the people in.

Partnering Up

Something which really worked well for us was to partner up with other blogs in our niche and share a link to their site on our blog, in return for one from theirs. It is important that you look to do this with other blogs which have the same amount of popularity as you. If they are significantly more popular then it is unlikely that they will see much value in this exchange and if you are more popular than another blog you are not going to get a great deal of value from this. If you find a similar blog to you then sending your followers there and their followers to you can form a really mutually beneficial arrangement.

Work hard on the quality of your blog and then shout it from the rooftops.

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