Expected changes in slots for 2020 

Oh what a time it is to be a fan of online gambling. 

Never before has there been more ways to have a flutter online and never before has it been safer to do so, with responsible gambling very much at the forefront of all gambling promotion these days. From more and more ways to bet on sport, to newer, better-looking online gambling games than ever, the online gambling industry is very healthy right now. Mega Reel offers lots of bonuses – click to claim 500 free spin slots. 

Online slots are thriving in the industry, with the format becoming more and more popular with every day that passes and every reel that is spun. Arguably, they have come as far as anything else in the field in recent years, growing from a simple game of reels to something way more. 

The average set of graphics and animation for a slot game these days is something quite striking, with amazing themes and an amazing amount of effort going into such titles to make them fit for this demanding market that is still growing. 

But it begs the question, how much further can the slot game be taken? In 2020, everything will continue to evolve as it always does – this is simply the nature of modern technology. But how will slot games look next year? Well, that is anyone’s guess, but here are some changes in slots that we expect to see in 2020.

VR Slots 

Virtual Reality has well and truly taken off, with the latest visual technology proving to be a applicable to all sorts of media. 

We see no reason as to why virtual reality or VR as it’s more commonly known, won’t soon infiltrate the online slot game. You could put on the goggles and walk straight into a very real online casino, rather than just a website. 

Spin the reels yourself and compete in very hands-on mini-games and bonus features, all thanks to virtual reality.

Even more slot games to choose from

An obvious change to slot games in 2020 will be the amount of choice. 

Already, new online slots are released seemingly by the day, with developers always keen to up the levels of their latest release with their next one. This has led to the standard of online slot games being constantly raised and as we move toward 2020, we can expect to see even more slot games being pushed out.

Better graphics than ever before playing online slots

In just a few short years, the standard of graphics used in online slot games has improved massively. 

The earliest online slot games now look a little bit retro, with even the retro, classic-themed online slots boasting some stunning visuals in their graphics and animations. This looks set to improve in 2020, with the video slot game becoming the most popular and therefore most profitable type of slot game online. 

Video slots with their 3D graphics and endless possibilities for themes and narratives, are perfect for developers to work with, bringing true creativity and flair to the once simple slot game. Expect this to continue long into 2020 and beyond it.

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