How to Add Meditation Into Your Everyday Routine

The benefits of meditation have been largely proven, and the public is increasingly aware of them. But many are still intimidated by the idea of meditating and don’t believe that they can adhere to a strict routine. But it’s not as difficult as you might think.

The reason why so many are intimidated is that they believe that it takes a lot of effort to set time for meditation and actually do it. But with the proper methods and mindset, you could easily turn meditation into a daily habit and reap all of its benefits. Here’s how you can add meditation into your everyday routine.

Start with Realistic Goals

Some people wrongly assume that you have to meditate for hours on end to get the benefits of meditation, but it’s not how it works. Just a few minutes of silent mindfulness per day might be all that you need to ground yourself and get back in touch with the here and now.

A 10 minute meditation is perfect for people who are not used to meditation or don’t have time. Find a meditation technique that works best for you and the goals you’re reaching. Know that it doesn’t have to be complex with all sorts of techniques and mantras either.

One common method is to simply stand still with your eyes closed and observe your thoughts and feelings with no attachment or judgment while paying attention to the sounds around you. Doing this type of exercise daily will allow you to reconnect with your inner self and dialogue while being more mindful of the world around you.

Do it First Thing In the Morning

For some people, the morning is when they have the most control over their time. So, if you’re one of those people, you should use that time for meditation. However, if mornings are not the best time for you, do it at any time of the day when you’re free, like during lunch breaks, for instance. Just make sure that you stay consistent.

Do it Wherever You Can

I personally think that one of the best occasions to do some meditation is while commuting. Unless you’re the one driving, of course. This will train you to listen to your mind in an environment that is full of distractions.

Again, the goal is not to quiet the mind but to let it flow naturally. Meditating in places like these will teach you how to find your inner stillness wherever you are. Some people like to do it near nature, while others will be fine hidden under a staircase during breaks. Just know that you don’t need to be in a specific space to meditate and try to find as many occasions as possible to squeeze some meditation time into your day.


If you follow these few simple tips, you should be able to turn meditation into a daily habit. Meditation, when done regularly, can be transformative, and change your whole perspective of yourself and the world around you.




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