By The Spectator, John Maloney

As usual, I’m giving you my predictions for the year 2020. I’m a little late this year but here they are. Remember in early 2016 I did predict that Donald Trump would be President! Here goes

• Kansas City Chiefs will win the Super Bowl

• There will be one snow storm in late January

• February will be mild but with two snow storms. It will have 29 days.

• The ground hog will come out in Central Park in February and will be mugged!

• Iran will oust their leaders!

• There will be at least 10 killings in the Bronx this year.

• Impeachment of Pres. Trump will fail!

• In a Special Report, the government will admit the presence of flying saucers and aliens! Area 51 will be open to media.

• President Trump will be accused by Democrats of creating aliens.

• Trump admits that he is an alien!

• Empire State Building hit by a drone, no damage done.

• Less people view the Oscars than ever before!

• Caskets are open in Grant’s Tomb and the body is discovered to be that of Gen. Robert E. Lee!

• Yankee pitcher Cole will win 25 games and pitch a no-hitters

• Mets deGrom will win 20 games and pitch two no-hitter

• Judge on the Yankees will hit 60 home runs.

• Mets beat Phillies in playoff for National League title. They lose to Yankees in World Series

• Mt. Vesuvius will erupt again.

• Old manuscript found in Monastery in Rome indicates that the word is “celebrate” not “celibate”; church in turmoil

• Riots break out during the Tokyo Olympics.

Something to do with “take Out’ Chinese food.

• Seven Yankee players out with injuries including broken fingernails or sunburn

• Giant football team opens with six straight wins.

• Eli Manning turns down offer and stays with the Giants

• No Triple Crown winner this year

• Riots break out at both the Republican and Democratic conventions

• Bishop Sheen will be declared “Blessed” this year on way to Sainthood.

• Joe Pesci will win an Oscar

• The Irishman or 1917 will take an Oscar for best picture.

• The actor who played the “Joker” will win an Oscar.

• The Rockland County Times will win a Pulitzer Prize for Journalism.

• There will be no snowfall in Rockland during August.

• We will get two 100˚ in July and at least three in August.

• Bloomberg will get the nod from the Dems.

• Riots break out as Trump debates Bloomburg.

• Biden’s son becomes General with Chinese Army

• Schools will open in September

• Trump re-elected in close race!

• Pelosi accuses of aliens voting in all the states.

Trump says: Hey, they’re immigrants¡

Happy New Year

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